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"The Soon To Be World Famous Tangy Wang Barbeque "

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The Great Barbecue Quest
July/August 1997
By Jane Garvey & Steve Hudson

Jimmyís Smokehouse, Inc. GA 124 at Everson Road, Snellville, 770-972-1625.

Some Ď cue joints operate on very limited schedules, often only toward the end of the week. Such is the case with Jimmyís, largely because owner Jimmy Lee Stokes does a huge catering business. If youíre going to eat this manís tasty smoked pork butt other than at a special event, youíre going to have to do it either Friday or Saturday.

Thisisnít even a hole in a wall. There are no walls. A gleaming black chrome-trimmed trailer is set up on a suburban intersection, were staffers take orders and dispense the requested comestibles with lighting speed.

Position to the right of this trailer is a large black smoker. On its fire grid lay chickens, pork roast, pork ribs cooking slowing over smolderinglow heat.

The young man tending the meat happily supplies samples to waiting patrons. Thesauce, mild or hot, is medium-bodied and complex; it goes on as an afterthought.

This is meatthatís good all on itís own, tender, with a deep rich smokey flavor. The sauce is good, too, but if you didnít have it, you wouldnít much mind.

Fri. 3-10, Sat. 11-10.

Tangy Wang Barbeque

Georgia Journal

Date: July/August 1997